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I thought about the Pelicans, and there is a lot about them I like, but they seem kinda heavy relative to their size, and the wall thickness/ribbing adds some extra width relative to there interior volume, minor issue, but I have issues with every additional inch, when it comes to the width of a bike. For those of you running Pelicans, I expect you can waterproof the mount holes by putting a small diameter O-ring on both sides of the bolt, and pack the threads in between with non-drying silicone grease, vasaline (O-rings may not like the vas) even grease would work well, as we are only talking a drop or two.

I am happy with the Zegas, but I think if I were to do it over again, I might go with the Motoports for a narrower width overall. How many litres are these?

The KTM/TT 35/41L Zega system is 39" across (later TT racks with Gobi bag fittings). The 41L bag is 1.5" wider then the 35L bag. I mention the TT racks having Gobi rack mounts, as I think TT moved the left rack out on these to allow mounting the plastic cases so near the exhaust. With my slightly narrower/further inboard SXC exhaust can, there is almost 2.5inches of dead space between the rack and the bodywork . Not sure if I will ever get around to it, but I hope to reweld the racks, (TT sells just the hoops) and swap out the 41l for a narrower 35l. Hopefully I can reduce the overall width to 34 inches, this will match the width both at the O/B edges of the handguards, and Loaded's© bar ends. This will also remove 75 square inches of flat plate drag from the airstream.
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