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Question for Auto and others...

Originally Posted by Autostream
10 degrees celcius... hmm... there goes that theory...
Hey Auto,
got 2 question's and train of thought for you...

Does fuel get more dense when it's cold?...

What does water do to paper filters?..swelling/closing of the pleats = reduced flow?

ie from a point of view of being pushed thru a clogged filter?

I have just started having issues with mine(07 36k km) and pulled my pump apart last night.
Screen was dirty..ish but flowed well and when washed didn't shed much in the way of debris.
The hi pressure side filter is paper with an OD of approx 30mm and an id of about 20mm and 25mm deep.
Had a fair amount of restriction when I blew thru it...
On inspection it was very dirty and inside appeared to have droplets of water.
Tried washing it in petrol and it basically broke apart. (and there was fair bit of crap that came out of it)

If you can give me your thoughts....this may explain some of the issues of cavitation/starvation when it's cold (as opposed being heat induced)
...cold fuel more dense thru clogged filter = restriction...water swelling the pleats of the filter

I put my pump back together again without the post hi pressure side paper filter...and was going to look for something to replace it with/make fit at repco today etc...but what I think I;ll do now is a slimline external EFI fuel filter mounted to the frame with longer fuel line.

I rode it to work today...and it was fine and the roll on in top gear(that used to bog and miss) was gone. Tonight will be the test as its cooler when I ride home( as well as most of my issues have been when its cooler).


Here's some piccies of the filter...


Post pump paper filter...lookin kinda crap (is it supposed to be able to have the top and bottom removed?..)

THought it was f'd anyways so I pulled it apart


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