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hmmm...yeah I

Originally Posted by sp4ce
Those filters are FILTHY! The dirtiest I have seen.

A few notes:

- The sock isn't very fine as you can see and passes a lot of crap through the pump to the paper filter (Obviously, while you are running without that paper filter, all the stuff that you found inside it is going through your injectors and engine. )
Unfortunately...only transport...and it was kinda...just this once.
Will fix tomorrow.

a few potential drawbacks.
1) Dirty gas is now going to be passed through your pressure regulator. No clue if that will affect it.
Good me thinking...see below
2) That same dirty gas is going to be re-circulating through the pump multiple times. No clue if that will shorten it's life.

3) Will relocation of the filter from one side of the pressure regulator to the other change delivered pressure to the injectors?
Yes it a'd lose pressure post filter....but the pump wouldn;t burn out as the fpr would bypass increasingly as the filter clogged.

I considered the same external filter setup and ended up not doing it because I didn't know the answers to those questions. You can't buy the pressure reg separate from the pump, so if concerns 1 or 2 end up being valid, you are out USD 475 for a new pump.
I've had a rethink of this...and basically going to try this:-

- Get a car efi fuel filter...1980's Nissan Skyline...Ryco Part number Z200 or Z387
- Remove oem FPR.
- Cut off top of plastic that houses the fpr/paper filter.
- barbed fitting screwed into high pres gallery from pump...then mount car filter..short hose with T piece.
One - goes down to barbed fitting screwed into plastic base that o-rings to outlet brass tube
Other goes to OEM FPR mounted via high pressure fuel line with hose clamps.


find a filter to replace the OEM long as the id and od are can be longer as their is a bit of clearance with the spring compressed a bit....

Will mock it up tonight and go buy some parts some pics sat arvo....could be good...or as you yanks say "An epic FAIL"


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