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I think this is interesting and in no way an arguement, yes it is true that the foot is used for Ballance , I am from an offroad back ground and always us it this way , you can also ballance with your body foot up but it is easier to us your foot , there is a Vidio of Stefan Everts beating a Rally car inthe Rain and his foot skims the ground for a lot of the time

At slow speed your foot or your Knee can and will save you I have saved 2 recent near crashes myself recently as it acts as a trainer wheel or a triangle Brace and a recent ride had an ex NZ superbike friend of mine pick his bike up on his knee in a two wheel drift at over 100kph and there many vidios that show this very thing

I would agree that at higher speeds that is not so likely but at lower speeds definatly yes
you use your foot coming in ( for ballance and rear tire triangle load as well as the fact that you are forcing the bike down ) but once you are stable and driving out you can put you foot back up as the centrafuge of the bike holds it on line and you lean forward to reduce drag etc

I can as with most Motard riders usually carve under most road riders coming in to a tight turn this way that is why motards give Sports Bikes fits in tight going but loose out as speeds increase and corners open up ( mainly due to lower power though)

Having said that if your not comfortable with that , cool keep your feet up

Check out the vidios in the post below if for nothing more than entertainment Modern speedway Ivan Maugers Vintage flat tracking mile 1/2 mile

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