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5 up on two bikes or the long way to the Trans Lab

NOTE: Apologies for the images being removed. I know this was a popular ride report and when Apple canned MobileMe it killed my galleries and it's taken me a long time to get around to rehosting them and relinking to Smugmug but I'm going to be doing that over the next day or so. As a reward for your patience I'm going to be rehosting the images larger than was possible when I did the thread from the road so my apologies right now to those with small screens or slow connections. The rest of you enjoy!

Thanks - Gregor

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________

I wanted an adventure and I've been told too many time to be careful what you wish for because you just may get it.

Like a few months back thinking how I'd like a big change in my life. I was thinking more along the lines of career but big sweeping wishes can be met but maybe not in the way you expect. Like finding out my girlfriend Judiaann is pregnant - well that's a big change isn't it? Screw it, we're going to take the big summer road trip anyway.

The plan has been in place for months: ride up to Portland, take the ferry to Nova Scotia and then ride to Newfoundland and then up to Cartwright and do the infamous Trans Labrador Highway. It sounded far enough away and desolate enough to qualify as an adventure. We're supposed to catch our ferry tomorrow morning at 7am and yesterday my bike was still apart. Three weeks ago it looked like this:

Two weeks ago:

One week ago:

And last night:

We were supposed to leave this morning at 9am but I was still in the fairing with a mulitmeter and Gino was still tying bags to his HP2 after Holan never came through with the panniers he ordered 6 weeks ago. Of course we could have come up with another solution but a "friend" offered to let him use his soft luggage but then decided last night that he didn't want to. Nice. So this morning it was Roc Straps and dry bags and patience. We finally left at 11am and made it out of the city by 1:30 - 2.5 hours to go 10 miles. Now that's an adventure - in traffic.

Anyway here's your cast from left: Me, Judiaann, Lauren and Gino.

We're smiling because we made it to Portland tonight but we didn't know that there was only one crappy smoking room left in all of Portland for the bargain price of $180. No, didn't know that yet.

Judiaann at a rest stop:

We did manage some drama so far in one short 330 mile day: I lost my credit card at our last gas stop. Gino ran out of gas but was carrying an empty 2 gallon tank for emergencies but hadn't gotten around to filling it yet since we hadn't burned a single tank.

Oh, and his final drive is leaking.

So I'm typing this in a really expensive yet disgusting smelling room and we catch our ferry tomorrow morning at 7am - less than 5 hours from now. I booked that ferry on the card I lost.

Bonus cheesecake photo from our first night from the archives!

This is going to be an interesting ride report...


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