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Going South

Day 6 533 miles

Up early again because it is light out and I smell bacon.
So I wander into the galley and see that it's 0400. Screw that and back to bed.
Up at 0600 and have another all you can eat meal of bacon, reindeer sausage, eggs, potatoes, toast, oj and coffee. Good stuff.
Time to re-fuel at Nana out by the airport and get a pic or two

There isn't a tree within 300 miles, so the boys at Haliburton made their own.
Going south I increase my speed since the day is sunny and the road is mostly good. Problems though at mile post 13o when my low fuel light comes on 50 miles too soon.
At MP 134 there is an intersection that has a wide spot so I can refuel. There is a mailbox there and since there isn't mail service I have a look inside. It is stuffed with cookies, candy, and sodas all for free. Just leave any reading material that you can spare.

Climbing the Brooks Range again is impressive. The scenery is just vast out here.
The speed I'm riding and the conditions have a song that I hate playing in my head.

Today I am Jonah Street and Cyril Dupre as I race across the Tundra.

The other road hazard up here are the monster modules that are being brought up. This one was 20' wide and had a pilot car telling everyone to get off the road NOW!

What's cool is they will stack a couple pusher trucks behind to shove the loads up the grade.

Going way too fast for conditions and before you know it I am back in Coldfoot for my daily burger.
Out again and this time get a couple "Oh Shit" moments.
One is while passing a semi on a long straight. The semi decided he didn't want to be passed and started moving left while I was beside him. The shoulders on the Dalton are deep, soft gravel and to get into it would be bad, I stayed on the gas with 6" of road left as I gave the driver the bird.
Then back at my dorm room for a much needed shower and some chow.
I called Alaska Pizza and the conversation went like this.

Me: I want to order a pizza to be delivered to the University of Alaska.

Dumb Ass: Where is that?

Me It's the big buildings on the hill north of town.

DA:What's the address?

Me: It's the University. There's only one!

DA: (yelling to the driver) You know where the University of Anchorage is?

Me: No! It's the University of Alaska in Fairbanks!
Wait. Where are you located?

DA: Were on University Street.

Me: Okay. Go north on University Street until you see the University. There's a lot of buildings.
I'm in the Moore Building. It's the dorm on the left of the three.
The door requires a code key so I will wait in the lobby.

DA: (to driver) You know where the More code building is at the University of Anchorage?

Me: No! The Moore Building. It's a dorm!

DA: More...M.O.R.R.E.?

Me: Ask the driver if he knows where the dorms are.

DA: He does. What would you like?

Me: A small, thin crust anchovy pizza.

DA: Our anchovies are chicken.

Me: What?

DA: The anchovies are chicken. If I push the anchovy button the cook puts chicken on the pizza.

Me. Oh. Pepperoni then.

DA: Okay. That will take 45 minutes.

The pizza showed up 15 minutes later.

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