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What worked and what didn't

The big disappointment was my RotoPax fuel cans. They failed in every possible way. Heat expansion bubbled the cans and snapped the bolt that holds the extension to the base.

That problem was solved with a couple ROK straps which would flex with the expansion.
The seals on the RotoPax cans both failed the same day. Luckily it was when I was re-fueling for the last mandatory time on the Campbell Hwy. Apparently they reacted with the fuel and swelled up then started falling apart. I have only used pump gas with these cans so my guess is the high Ethonal content of Canadian fuel played a part. RotoPax will be getting a call from me tomorrow.

My TouraTech brake guard fatigue cracked in two at about day 4

What saved my day was something recommended by Cyborg. an Aussie product that I almost left behind because of its size and weight but was the only way to change my Mefo tire.

It lays in the bottom of the Gobi and has never been used until that evening in Fort Nelson. Thanks Cliff!

Some were asking about the Rocket Launchers on the bike. They are Agri-Supply Tool tubes
and cost $5.00 each. That and .75 worth of stainless steel adell clamps each and you are in business.
To store the tools a friend of mine at SKT industries made me some tool bags custom to fit the tubes. They were indespensible and a great conversation starter.

The rear Mefo tire I would recommend IF you have the ability and tools to fix it if need be.

Thank you all for the kind words about my post.
It is good to be back home.
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