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Crash Tested
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I went for a little Sunday cruise from my home in Vegas to Lake Mead. Headed over to Hoover Dam and then turned around and headed up to Overton along North Shore drive.

I spotted a dirt road down to a cove on the lake that I had not investigated and went off for some dirty fun. The bike ran great down the road and back (save for some horrendous chatter in the forks due to minor washboards in the road).

I start to head back to North Las Vegas and was cresting a hill and the bike bogged and died. I checked the OBC and it said I had >90 miles to empty. My trip meter confirmed that it could not be a low fuel issue. I let out the clutch to spool it back to life and the rear wheel locked up. I pulled the clutch back in and hit the starter and it started back up.

A half mile down the road while leaned over in a turn (safe!) it died again. It did not start normally with the button, this time I had to give it throttle to start the engine.

Made to the gas station (three more stalls) and it only took 3.17 gallons so I had about a gallon in the tank. I always put premium major brand fuel it the beast. One thing I did notice when I unlocked the gas cap was a pretty good release of pressure (gas vapor). It was about 102 degrees on Sunday.

After gassing it up I rode it home and it stalled 9 more times! I would be at a stoplight holding it at 2500 rpm and when I let out the clutch it would burble and die. Now this is not the stall from just off idle when it just dies like you hit the kill switch. This is a sudden drop in rpm and a hestitation when I tried to get the rpm's back. Then when I tried to restart it would just turn over until I gave it 1/4 throttle then it would start.

I would have to keep the rev's up and it would run for awhile longer until it would die again. Other than the off idle stalling when it was new I have never had any problems with it. It only has 5280 miles on the odo.

I was reading in the F800s forums about this happening to those bikes. One of the suggestions was to have the dealer update the ECU software and reset the "adaptation values".

So I finally make it home and I go inside to let the bike cool off. I washed it and dried it off and then took it for a spin around my neighborhood. It ran like a champ with no hesitation whatsoever.

I rode it to work today (Monday 8/3/09) and it ran flawlessly. I am going to have my dealer look at the fuel pressure sensor and reset the ECU as have been described in other posts here. Hell I am going to the dealer armed with printouts of some of them if they give me any "well it is working fine now" crap.

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