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Originally Posted by shawty950
I've had a rethink of this...and basically going to try this:-

- Get a car efi fuel filter...1980's Nissan Skyline...Ryco Part number Z200 or Z387
- Remove oem FPR.
- Cut off top of plastic that houses the fpr/paper filter.
- barbed fitting screwed into high pres gallery from pump...then mount car filter..short hose with T piece.
One - goes down to barbed fitting screwed into plastic base that o-rings to outlet brass tube
Other goes to OEM FPR mounted via high pressure fuel line with hose clamps.
I have seen other motos with similar arrangements as stock (R1100GS). You will want to fabricate some kind of mounting plate so the filter and FPR are secured/supported and don't stress the hose connections.

Originally Posted by shawty950
find a filter to replace the OEM long as the id and od are can be longer as their is a bit of clearance with the spring compressed a bit....
The problem here is going to be the off-center inlet hole. I haven't seen other filters like that, but I haven't looked too hard. Another possibility would be to cannibalize the paper element out of another filter and glue it into the metal end caps from your existing filter. Just have to figure out the correct adhesive to use then, right?

Here's a link from another thread that might have parts that will help or provide information/inspiration:

Good luck and keep us posted. Respect for actually trying something.
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