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Originally Posted by Mack
Thought I would share some good news. My 4th P.T. visit showed some real progress, Eric, my P.T. guy seems to be quickly figuring out what works on me, and what does not, (and, yes, there are three P.Y.P.T.'s as well, I often lose track of which set I am on, and the drooling can be embarrasing.)

My limp is almost banished, and I should be able to start getting myself back in shape pretty soon. I am finally able to ride the ADV, though it will be a while before I am up too riding in an aggresive fashion, as the demons in my head still need to be excercised. Still walking without crutches or a cane is pure joy, I am one happy camper!
Know the feeling. Just riding around the neighborhood is an absolute thrill, ain't it Mack.

Back in the late '70s, I actually borrowed a guys Honda 750 and rode it around a big parking lot while I still had casts on my arm and leg. Stupid for sure... but what a rush!!!

Good to hear your getting there...
So... how's tricks?
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