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Here;s what I eneded up doing

Hey Sp4ce,

here's what I ended up doing

Sitting down friday night and then shopping around on Sat...there was a lot of work basically redesigning the top of the fuel pump that houses the small filter, fpr and outlet gallery for the TB's. And as you correctly pointed out, many brackets to hold it all together under pressure for no that much gain..imo.

Only issue, with the way I ended up going, is that how I did the post pump cannibalized paper filter...i did cut it so that the clearance was 0 (to the roof of chamber) so the filter couldn't raise off the outlet(offcentre hole) but there is a possibility of the bottom of the pleats flaring under pressure...oh well...will take it apart after the weekend and see how it handles the run. another 3 days of riding to work(320k's) then another 1000 over 2 days this weekend. So will be able to see how it's going by the end.

Worst comes to worst I'll just remove the paper filter and rely on the inline filter above airbox. fpr shouldn't have an issue.

On another note re everyone's failed pumps...did any of you notice the condition of each of the filters?

Could it be that the post pump paper filter IS the problem if it gets clogged with either water, dirt OR both? And that it may not be the pump or the sock filter? Just throwing it out there....

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