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+1 for the TU250X

We finally found a bike that my sweetie fits AND loves! She's a n00b, but loves riding pillion on my 1150GS and wanted to "ride her own ride". She just finished her MSF course last weekend, but we have an XT225 that she's played around with. She's under 5'2" so wasn't comfy with the height. We had looked at the Honda Rebel and similar offerings from Suzuki and others, but they weren't right. She didn't want a cruiser style, but preferred a more "retro" look. She's not ready for the open road, so something small to learn on but still a competent road bike was the focus.

We found the Suzuki TU250X to be a perfect fit. It's a very nicely done naked retro style bike with a fuel-injected 250 single with a 5-speed. I took it for a hard ride around town and out onto the expressway before we bought it and found it to be very competent, handles nicely, has disc/drum brakes that are predictable and not at all twitchy even under a crash stop. It has a very nice clutch action and the gearbox is forgiving when shifting. The fuel injected engine starts effortlessly (unlike the cold-blooded XT225, sigh....) and throttle response is very smooth and progressive rather than snappy like the XT.

Hannda said - Bar snake and bar end weights would, probalby, fix that problem. Ours came with bar end weights....

We went for a spin around the block and our neighbor caught up to us on his latest true retro bike, a 1936 Indian Scout. He loved the little Suzuki's looks and features. Peter knows his bikes (he restores classics for a living) and was impressed with the little thumper. He immediately suggested pulling off the pillion seat and putting a rack on there as mentioned above (the rear fender is finished and painted all the way over the rear tire). He also said "Get rid of those damned stickers on the side covers! That'll really get people going when they try to figure out what it is!!" Done.

If any of you have a family member that is looking for a smaller bike I can highly recommend this bike for fit, comfort, looks and function. Sweet ride!

That Indian is looking pretty sweet, huh?

+2 on links to aftermarket accessories such as saddlebags and racks! If I find any I'll post them here. Apparently the bike has been available in Europe and Asia for several years so there have got to be suppliers out there ready to sell us farkles!

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