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Eek Two types of stall??

I've been reading with interest, but may have something different to add.

My 09 is now 8 weeks old and has 4800km (3000mi??), the first six weeks were excellent, flawless (3700km). The last two weeks have been a little maddening.
The first problem was on a hot dry day, driving in fourth gear at 80km/h the bike dies. No clutch pull-in, no sputter, no power. Simply pressing start button results in turn over but no start. Stop on shoulder and turn off key, then turn key on and bike fires up. No further problems that day.
Next trip the bike starts first try but dies five seconds later (pressing restart results in turn-over but not start, have to turn off ign. key), and again and again, six times until bike stays going. Now it does this everytime i cold start. It is stored indoors and was not wet.
Today in fifth gear @ 100km/h, same as first occurence, one instant running, the next not. Again a beautiful day, but not hot.

I have had no rain stalls, despite 8hrs in a downpour covering 600km.
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