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Originally Posted by rockinrog
Months ago (2 days after I received the jessies) I called Rick but he said that he had never herd of anyone else with the same issue.

Did you Email them pictures? I am sure they would be interested because thats not how they are supposed to be.

Go to, post 109

No, as I don't think there is anything that can be done - absent a new mounting system. To me it is a minor inconvienence. The rest of the designed seems pretty good, and I like the fact that you can move the bags front to back.

I just wish the entire system was lowered by about 2", which would have eliminated these issues, and helped with weight loading.

Is it possible to place some spacers between the mounts?"

I don't think so based upon how the mounts attach to the frame, and how the bags attach to the mounts.
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