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Solo Dirt ride and loving dust!

Day 1—My plan to ride the CDR solo on my CRF230L began on 3 Aug at Roosville. Some of you may have read the test ride of the CDR I did across NM back in June-now it will be the entire ride. I’ve been vocal in my belief that off road the bike should be light and not heavily loaded. I confess to a chase vehicle on this ride but it came about as a result of other travels I was doing at the time. You will see below that the 230 does not have a lot of luggage on it—here is what it carries: extra gas(66oz) tools\patches and tubes for front or rear tire change, sleeping bag, tarp(lean-to), matches, food for 2 days, hatchet, knife, bear repellant, 2 GPS, Spot, cell phone, rain suit, oil, epoxy, tow strap, soap, rags, complete tool set, 3 tire irons, breaker bar, air pressure gauge, air pump, radio, water bottle, camel back (on me), spare parts\nuts\bolts, personal items and lifting strap. If needed I can camp in the woods and sleep eat for one or two nights from what I have on the bike. I choose not to mostly and will be staying in the chase vehicle or commercial accommodations—as many do. Light, compact and controllable—yet it still carries the key necessities.
Day one was a late start by plan and began at Roosville—funny the start of the CDR is Airport road and most of the first few miles are PAVED—foreshadowing I guess. There was almost a half mile of traffic waiting to get into Canada so I just used the zoom to get a pic:

Then off to Airport road:

No planes but an airport:

You always need a friend on the road—this is mine—big dog was always with me

Some things in life I just don’t understand

Lot of really nice lakes up here—mosquitoes too

Also a lot of nice steams—unfortuntately the CDR is routed over bridges! No water crossings so far--but a lot of water.

Always get gas where you find it—never pass up the chance! Polebridge--$3+

Should be some stories here--too bad they are most likely lost forever.

Some names are just hard understand how they came about

Unfortunately first day’s impression is this is going to be gentleman’s ride—no tough stuff at all. That is based on day one and over 700 miles across NM in June—we’ll see. Day one ended at Whitefish as planned.

I’m writing this from Helena on Day 3 as I did not have connectivity for day one or day two. My connectivity is less than stellar—taking almost 30 minutes to upload a picture (to photobucket) which I know you want to see more than my narrative. Will finish day one and then try again tomorrow at the next wifi spot to see if I can get a better connection. Looks like rain--

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