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Originally Posted by Purcell69
Has anyone here hooked up an Acewell digital dash to the Baja Designs dual sport kit on their XRR? I am still using the stock stator and the full DSK with the BD battery pack. The Acewell runs off 12v DC and needs to be connected to the battery with switched and non-switched power. It also has connections for the high beam indicator and the turn sigal indicators.

Well I got it sorted out. The only issue I found that does not make sense is the speedometer/odometer was WAY off using the suggested settings in the instruction pamphlet. The directions called for a circumfrence of 1676mm for a 21" front tire. With that setting, it showed my speed putting around the yard to be over 50 mph! I sorta split the difference to a 840mm setting and the speed seems to be a lot closer. Any clues as to what may cause this?

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