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So last night we rushed from the library to the ferry and of course waited in line.

Lauren has gotten used to my constant photographing of the trip and is now actively making fun of me. Here you can see the incredibly compact nature of the HP2 with the soft bags and gas tank. And a little bit of a view of the seat that James Renazco made for Gino on a rush. Of all the people that Gino ordered gear from for this trip James is the only one to come through and he did it in less time. He also made my saddle and the one before - all four of us can't praise him enough.

I have to say that I really love the way that Canadians treat bikes. We're always pulled to the front of the line and given a bit of extra attention which is really nice. So we got the call to roll in and we approached the ferry which is massive with the whole nose open in the air.

I think there that there are two ramps to load the additional levels but we didn't see it. Here you get a sense of the scale of the ship.

The ferry workers are incredibly nice and they stack the bikes all in a row against the left wall.

At the front of the line there is a wheelbarrow of giant tie downs that are kinds I've never seen and I've seen a LOT of tie downs. The are like a fast draw with a half clamp lock action and while they don't really cinch the bike down too hard they're not supposed to. Mostly they just keep it from falling over in rough seas. Some tips for those who plan to do this trip - the deck is really slippery as it's steel and often covered in oil and when you park the bike it's best to leave it in gear to keep it from rolling.

Next we hauled our gear up to our bunks. You're not allowed to go back to the bikes once the ship leaves the dock so you have to take all you need. My top case is loaded with 60lbs of camera gear (which as some of you may know is what I do for a living) so that case is a huge bitch to carry especially up the stairs, with a tank bag and a helmet.

This trip has been my foray into working with video so I'm carrying two Canon 5D Mark IIs and three lenses; a 24-105, a 24 TS-E and a 45 TS-E. The last are tilt shift lenses which are great for perspective control but I use mainly for doing panoramas as they create seamless and perfect shots. If anyone is really interested I'd go through the gear but that's the gist of it. The 5D's do great video so I'm playing with it on this trip and hoping that I can someday replace Claudio. Those guys need someone who can ride...

Anyway, one of the things I've been toying with is doing some time lapse and I really wanted to do one of the big hatch closing so I rushed up to the top deck and set up one of the cameras with a intravalometer to catch the sequence. Here's the setup:

And here is the result which I'm pretty pleased with:

After that Judiaann and I went to the dining hall and had a very brown diner of roast beef and chicken fingers and we learned what "poutine" is. I'll update you on what that is in the next post when I can post a photo. While I was up on the deck doing my time lapse Gino and Lauren had literally passed out in the bunks by 9pm. We also discovered another interesting fact which is that Newfoundland is one half hour ahead of Nova Scotia which is one hour ahead of NYC. Never heard of a half hour before but it certainly suites the place.

We turned in by 11 or so and while the bunks looked like torture they were actually really great and I slept pretty well until about 3am when I woke up and read Canada Cycle for a bit and then decided to take a look around. The first thing I noticed was all the feet sticking out the ends of the bunks - funny stuff. Here's me reading in the top bunk.

Then I went up the to the very top of the boat and did a panorama with the 24mm TS-E. I love shooting at night and I love the erie look of the mist. There was no one up and the fog horn blew every 5 minutes and when I looked over the rail I thought how completely lost you'd be if you fell over board. I like things that scare me but the ocean isn't really one of them - it's just too damn incomprehensibly large.

Here's my pano of the top deck.

That is all for now. We're in Newfoundland and met an ADV rider named, I may get this wrong too, Jeff Smith? Just after we got off the ferry. He'd met up with a friend who was on our boat and in talking with him we told him how much we wanted to ride some of the rail trail system. He told us there was an entrance just down the road and led us to a narrow, gravelly double track and gave us some directions.

That is a subject for a complete other post - holy cow is all I have to say. The internet is wildly slow here - slower than dial up so I don't know what more I can get done tonight. The last video has been uploading for 3 hours and is only at 15% so it doesn't look good for video today. I'll try to put up another report after we hit the pool and have a scotch but I'm making no promises.


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