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Wish I had a Coke right about now

Lets see whats under the bonnet? Maybe I can get this thing going again.

Got the firing order

I could use this to get some extra ponies out of the Ural

Ok so I did a little goofing off.......Im a big kid and I was in an old Western town, my imagination got the best of me. What do you expect.


The only church left in Bodie.

The mining operation

Bodie must have been a close knit community. There was not a stranger in town. This is a tight fit but I guess two people could get some work done.

This is a Hotel/saloon. Notice the hotel room boxes? Each cubby had a brass plate with a number.

Another hotel

Wish I had this pool table

School house

What is what is left of the Bank of Bodie. Only the vault.

Oh yeah I did some more kid stuff

This old stone still spins

There is a museum in Bodie. It has a lot of artifacts of the citizens of yester year.

I used to work in the funeral buisness

Bodie had a baseball team

A lot of the buildings had these flat tin shingles on them. Some had been food tins

I took a lot of pictures in Bodie. You have to go see it for your self. I dont feel like posting them all and Im sure you dont want to load and scroll through them.

So we topped off the gas tanks before leaving Bodie.
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