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Originally Posted by Gramps
Here's the trick. You've got to turn off City Nav XXXX. It over rides any maps you have loaded on the unit.

From the Map Page, hit menu, go to map information, hit menu, select "hide all" scroll up to the maps you want to show scroll left so the box next to the map is highlight, and hit enter. It should show a check box. Hit quit and your maps should be showing.

Do they still make preloaded data cards for the 478? I know they make preloaded SD cards for the newer units, not so sure they make them for the 478 though.

EDIT: Oops should have check before I opened my mouth, it appears they do have preloaded cards for the 478.
Very nice Thanks for the info. I had been trying to figure it out and either I was missing something in Garmins instructions or they were not well writen. You filled that void, whatever. I just turned it on an it works great.
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