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7/19 and 7/20 Las Vegas aprox. 130 miles
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, they do have a nice aquarium (mandalay bay).

7/21 Page, AZ aprox. 260 miles
We had to go through Zion Nat'l Park. They charge $25 for a cage full of people, or $12 for EACH person on a motorcycle. It was quite the expensive toll road.

kanab, UT

Glen Canyon

here's a dam picture

For some reason, Page was full of French people. We had our photos taken by some French kids on a scavenger hunt. Not sure how they ended up in Page...

7/22 Taos, NM aprox. 450 miles
Rode through Carson Nat'l Forest. Northern New Mexico is really pretty.

We were trying to find a place to eat in Taos, but couldn't decide. We compiled a list of 3 and stopped a random guy on the street to ask his opinion. The guy ended up being a tweeker, but he was nice and went into great detail about which ones had made him sick (all 3). We decided to try chinese food at Hunan restaurant (which was not on the list) and it was fine. Pretty good food, actually.

7/23 Trinidad, CO aprox. 140 miles
It was a quick ride - we wanted to get to Trinidad early enough to do some work on the bike.
Saw our first antelope

Valcom Motorsports

The folks at Valcom are so great. Very TAT friendly. I had called ahead and ordered some tires (which were waiting for us there). They asked if they would be mounting them for us and I said, "no thanks, I'm going to do it myself." In Santa Barbara, this gets you escorted off the premises. Here at Valcom, they said "no problem" and told us we were welcome to go around back and use the warehouse (where it was cool and shady).

in 40 minutes, we were back on the road with new shoes.

Like many other TAT riders, we stayed at the Trail's End motel. The owners ride and are helpful and understanding. We had a great stay.

the rooms are cozy and cabin-y

For the record - my giant, meaty hands are too big to type fast so my wife is doing most of the work. If there is something in this RR that sounds a little "girly" (like "cozy and cabin-y") it's because she's writing it.


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