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I'm not sure what ride report etiquette dictates, but I wanted to mention that we appreciate the comments! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this - even if you are only waiting for the sh*t to hit the fan

7/27/09 Day 4 of the TAT: Monticello, UT to Moab, UT aprox.170 miles (104 of the TAT)

I thought we might be riding with the guys (Paul, Julian and Andrew) today, but they were still sleeping when we left. Poor guys, they deserved the rest...

Had a nice breakfast at the Peace Tree Cafe. Excellent coffee (best of the entire trip) and bagels.

We left Monticello and headed up into the mountains.

This would be our last forest visit for a while.

We wouldn't see 10,000 ft again, so we tried to savor the last of the cool, pretty forest. Took a water break and had a granola bar.

bye, trees. I'll miss you...

We saw a cougar in the aptly named "cougar canyon" - it quickly disappeared into the scrub before I could get the camera out, but it seemed to be a pretty good sized cat.

The terrain was quickly changing.

Starting to look like Moab...

As we were entering Moab, Matt saw a sign for Slickrock. He said he always wanted to go there on his mountain bike, so we turned into the parking lot. I had never heard of Slickrock, but the name made me nervous.

In addition to mountain bikes, we also saw some quads and small dirt bikes. Oh?
We watched them go in the entrance and we were discussing what to do when a guy in an RV waved us over. He was waiting for his son (a mountain biker), and didn't really know the rules, but he said there weren't any rangers around. So, we decided to go in.

The first rock at the entrance was steeper than it looked and I almost slid off when Matt stood up. This is going to be fun...

We turned left and went through a narrow gate. Wow, it seemed pretty difficult and tight for a ATV trail - how did those quads do it? We followed the white dotted line that indicated the trail. There were numerous signs stating that you MUST stay on the marked trail. Okey dokey!

I didn't take too many photos - it was really steep and got pretty technical so I had to hold on tight.

After following the crazy, twisting path across the rocks for a while, we stopped and looked for the quads and dirt bikes. Uh oh. Off in the distance, we could see a whole other set of trails - big wide ones, with black tread marks - and there were the quads and dirt bikes. How the hell did they get over there?

Then, we came to a sand trap in between the rocks and noticed that the only tracks in the sand were narrow little mountain bike tires. Definite Uh oh! I was starting to worry that we were going to get yelled at by a gang of irate spandex-clad bikers, and maybe get pelted by powerbars, but Matt was having too much fun to care.
I was amazed at what the KTM could do, and it was fascinating to see how well it maneuvered in tight spots.

I know that Matt would have enjoyed Slickrock more on his XR650, or even by himself on the bare KTM, but I was happy to have had the experience.

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