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We got into camp kind of late and set up the tent before it got dark. We had worked up a hunger so we asked Stonewall about dinner. He suggested Toms Place so we hoped in the Ural and rode to dinner. In the morning we had a picture perfect landscape.

Kevin and his Dad (Hurty)

After camping next to Hurty and IBAFox and their land yacht our tent looks a little well small. We also decided that after camping with these guys we need Kermit chairs.

Hurty's yacht

I had a cup of coffee while I looked at some maps. Marcia and I wanted to go for a ride together. Stonewall said he had a ride all planned out and we should tag along.

So it was Stonewall as the guide, Notbetty, GalacticGS, Desertdweller, and Nobetty's boyfriend Mike and us. We hit Chidago road aka Chirizo canyon over to the Red Rock canyon.

I cant keep up with Marcia on fire roads.


Mike, Notbetty and Marcia in the Red Rock Canyon

The next few pics are by GalacticGS

Starting to sort through my pics. I'm not familiar with all of the SoCal and NorCal crews that showed up for this ride, so I apologize ahead of time if I get some names wrong...

I was staying at the McGee Creek Lodge, but rode over to the campsite Friday morning. Met Stonewall, Hurty and some others. Stonewall organized a ride over to the little Red Rock Canyon, so I tagged along.

We headed east on paved Benton Crossing Road before it turned to dirt...

I think this is Cory (the "andme" part of Hotmamaandme)

This might be NotBetty leading the way...

On the Chidago Canyon Road which winds through a red rock canyon - Hotmama on the Ural

Another intersection regroup. GalacticGS and Desertdweller peeled off here and headed south to Bishop for some high speed desert riding.

The rest of the group headed north toward Benton.

Notbetty washed out in a sandy section and whent down. Mike close behind dropped his bike attempting to stop. Both got some sore spots and bruises but for the most part ok. Notbetty didnt want to ride in the sand anymore so Marcia gave her a ride in the Ural to the pavement. The Ural chair came in handy. The Ural also carried a case of bottled water that came in handy too.

Mark and I waited at the bikes for Marcia to get back with Mike so he could ride Notbetty's bike out of dirt to her on the pavement.

After we all made it back to camp Marcia and I whent into Mamoth Lakes to get some lunch. Then back to camp and hit the showers.
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