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2015 March: Went down in Colombia last Friday 6th stayed for a week hunting for a way into VZ but all a bust as I must head back to Houston to get one of the new Tourist Visas, missed it by 48hrs Rented a bike out of Cali and made the most of it heading up to Bogota where I flew home defeated after only being able to deliver much needed parts and supplies to Venezuela. Now for a visa...

Update: I left out of Caracas on July, 2012 with a bunch of metal in my leg and headed back home to rest up for the next go around. Bike is still in Venezuela with my good friend SS. Thinking I will be heading back to VZ to get all this metal pulled out at some point. Hopefully will get this ride report back up to date one of these days

My time has come.

Some short history: I started riding dual sport bikes in 2006 and turned out to be such a great compliment to traveling solo that I just knew it would be the best way to get around and have good adventures and meet great people almost any place you go. I would have enjoyed going practically anywhere but the most accessible place for me on a big trip would be going to North, Central, and South America (maybe a rough 33.333 of the world) because they are all connected and I would not have to get the pricey carnet to go to those other places I was also really interested in, those will have to wait for now. I have no official limit on time the only limiting factors being health, money, or my family's health so I'm sure its going to be one wild ride

The plan became to travel and experience as many countries as I could all around the Americas. It was hatched by this site and I thank all the people who took their time to post of their trips which would be the valuable information that I used to help me with my journey.

Thankyou ADVrider and all those who make it what it is

This thread and site are two of my primary resources for researching and learning from others as I do this ride so please feel free to offer any hints/suggestions/spots as this goes along. I look forward to meeting many of you ADVers down the road and sharing rides and beers (or water if you like).

Procrastinator that I am I could not even get the bike that I wanted to take ready to go in time. Iíve found that it is almost easier to keep working in the same grind than to stop it and go crazy as it sounds. Fortunately I have a good ole brother who bought a bike right after I bought my first six fidy and he had the foresight to by a big boxer that I have grown to love and that will God willing carry me through the first part of this trip. Once I finish the trip North I will come back home and rig my poor little Dakar that has been resting in pieces over the last couple of years.

This trip has been unlike any other trip that I have ever taken in that I have never so much time to think about and gather up so much stuff that I may or may not ever use for this trip.

I kind of over whelmed myself somewhat with all the work that was needed to add all the stuff and make ready the little Dakar bike so I took the easy out and did a little less work to the big mule (aka 1150Adv) to make ready the first part of the trip.

My brother has been so busy with his business that he canít make the time to ride like I do so Iíve been running his gs quite a bit over the last few years and taken it under my wing per say and have maintained it, although not cosmetically as those who have seen it know well. It may not look pretty but I love the bike and itís been very good to me for what weíve been through together.

I have planned to try and keep an updated near realtime RR as I go but being a camper Iíll just have to see how the wifi stuff works out for me on the first part of the trip, thinking it will be easier as I get south. So now here I sit in the first hotel (for some wifi) of my trip at Tom Bodettís pride here in Pueblo, CO at 3 am in the morning (I slept a large part of the afternoon away) working on this adventure.

It really began on Aug 6 when I had to do a little rewire work on the mule to get it ready take to CO to start off with the Second Annual Latin America Adventure Rally outside Carbondale that was on the second weekend of Aug +/- few extra days. Had to wire in a centech unit to help control my hunger for power and keep it distributed. My brother was nice enough to get a good sonic burger dinner and get me some much needed zip ties before the trip began.

My good brother Thomas and the bikes, burgers and stuff:

The new unit installed mostly:

And some much needed shark, it was a long night getting some stuff caught up and anyway I never slept well the night before getting ready for a big one:

And yours truely in action:

Had to ride the scooter a little that day getting more stuff, great little machine, saw a guy out at St. Francis, KS lives near Little Rock touring on his, this was my first two wheels and how I learned to ride:

Got every thing pretty much buttoned up on the sixth and looking forward to leaving on the 7th hopefully early to head to Colorado for the Latin Rally.

Getting long so I'll post tommorrow in another...lots more coming from here

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