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Aug the 7th the takeoff

Had a late night finnishing up the big GS and got up pretty early to load some clothes and other stuff for the trip up to CO. As usual I didn't get gone early enough and as Aug weather goes for OK and the middle states I just hauled up the big roads to get there as fast as I could. I orginally hope to make WF but it was out and I was leaving behind schedule to make very much of the second latin rally.

Carrying a laptop for the first time:

Was feeling pretty good on the bike until I got up to Salina, KS and ran through the heavy winds and warm temps out to Hays. I think the winds where so high they couldn't even let the big windfarms turn due to fear of overspeed, I saw more stop than spinning needless to say it was windy and I was wanting to run a lot quicker than I could. DQ was needed about every 100 miles but only one would be allowed, tasty little brezze:

* This what happens when I travel solo all the time, the mule is the real star of the show

I made it out to western KS that afternoon before I decided to try and find a swimming hole to cool off and clean up a bit. I went North off I70 to St. Francis to get some drinks and pretzels for the evening and then head over to Bonny Res. to see what I could find.
Not much like could be had their, the water situation in eastern CO is very sad, and was show in the res. Water lines where dramatic like out at Mead.
Water normally here leading up to spill way:

The other side that hasn't seen water in years:

Did some hot laps up on the dam having a look around before coming to the park to inquire, yelp $14 bucks for primative is BS and the lake was so low swimming would be difficult for $6 bucks along to get wet so I passed and inquired about the free mosquito pond that I settled for, I went to bed dirty but not thirsty here on my private bad + free mosquitos and red marks to prove it, Slept well watching the stars sans tent.

Aug 8th The morning after:

Loaded my gear on up and head West on smaller roads back to HW36 where I rode till Starsburg where I showed up little bit early for their hometown parade where I was offered a spot but declined having to make time to the West. Got some oj and breakfast burrito and was off before they where all lined up for the start of the parade, looked like it would be a good small town parade with great weather to boot. Gotta get to Carbondale.

What I like so much about the big mule is the tank and the road manners, this bike can chop some open road miles in a hurry, if I had much off a bigger motor I would be in real trouble, sometimes I want more right hand but legally should not be allowed any more at all. Needless to say we blasted on throuh Denver and started our way up into the moutains and the crazy weekend traffic that we had to gut.
Typically I'm not a fan of interstate system of the US but in the case of I70 it has got some awesome engineering feats and I mean great riding in the canyon section and some cool tunnels to add, and nothing needed to be said about the perfect weather.

Made it out to Carbondale and easily found the Latin Rally thanks to Rick's great little signs, good to see all those people again plus many more that I hope to meet again.

Big mountain right outside of the rally entrance, this was a good place for this:

Didn't take many picture on the 8th but there was a long fest something like a four hour feed that keep your tounge watering the hole time even if it was cooked on old t-posts, good stuff.

B-man's pig, only went in the fire once or twice, me and redone had side bet on it, we took the same side thou so no many changed hands

Early pig along with the obvious chicken and beef ribs not well seen

now late pig, less consumed chicken ribs and piles of corn that worked well with nothing:

Looks kinda like he's burning in hell but it was just Al foil with hot coals on top, yep he was tasty- I could never be a Jew, only just saying, there where many other non-Jews there by the looks of it.

Had some evening entertainment, little fire dancing and singing, only had minor burns from fire dancer, I hope that coonass does alright, I felt bad for the guy. Many good stories where told around the fire. Ross (Redone), Jason (the goodguy cohost/owner of the spread), and myself shut the festivites down around 3:30 the next morning and I threw my bag out on the ground and stay somewhat reasonable until the sun really came out next morning. It was to be a short stay for myself as I have many places to and little time to stay in CO. The rally site morning I left.

The Danish riders (M&M riders I think) where a cool lot, gotta love girls that give er hell.

My little paradise:

Log chopping station:

Mt Elbert became out of the question, will be leaving that for a later undetermined date but a nice soak in a hot springs was more logical so that's was the start for the early afternoon. Thanks for Rick hooking be up 7 miles down the rode from the Latin Rally.

Was some nice scenery for a while, BS with a few from Denver and another who hooked my up with some routes down to the south. Nice little soak hole good flow coming in a cool flow coming down the river, Crystal maybe??

No head shots this time, only toes:

Two pots, one kinda warm the only much nicer. Note to take foldable shovel to make better next time. I'm still living good thou for now.

The newly accuried routes from my one of my soaking buddies was continue south on up McClure and then break off to Kebler pass and make way into Crested Butte which was exactley where I should be. It was fine ride going that way, nice and easy.
My pictures can't do it justice, here's me trying although it was much more fun riding in it.

Came on down into CB and got a big bite of pizza to eat. Also found Izzy's other place out in CO, (I just bought some stuff from the Izzy AR):

Mule looking good in downtown CB:

That previously mentioned pizza, pineapples and CB in CB, OC was tasty stuff:

I'd went back out to the bike and this fellow was checking it out and then we started talking routes and since the man's a rider he hooked me up with some. Good guy named Clark N. from CB who does lots of mountain biking and some restored motorbikes too.

Gave me a nice hand drawn map and sent me on my way for a wonderful afternoon back up to Ohio pass then almost down to Gunnison before bypassing on 8 mile road to Almont then up to Taylor Res. for a nice senic ride to finnish up the afternoon.
Taylor neat alpine lake I guess you would say, cool damn with a cracked open gate valve.

Rest of the big wall damn:

Cottonwood Pass is neat, Tincup will be for next time around. I heard some from dudes up at creats that an older 3 series BMW holes the oil pan going on Tincup and was trying to get a wrecker, would have been fuuny to get that picture. Scenic riding in the area to be found, Taylor lake at speed:

From higher up above now

Up at the crest I left the mule to continue on up to look at the two halves, my proof, standing in a hole that I had been resting in-haven't got the lungs yet for the high climbing yet:

The mule left down below with a pair of rented stroms:

One other picture from up top Cottonwood of a lesser known pond:

After sweating so heavily I was cooled and ready to get down low fast where I headed to Salida for the night to look for Hayduke or some other place to crash.

I dropped out in Buena Vista off Cottonwood and needed a Slurpee after warming back up and went to gamble a little and it paid off, thought it was 200x2 before I could read the lines but still got $4 out of the deal and a cold slurpee. I'm really a lucky bastard:

Went on down into Salida after getting some local advice about a McAkees or something or other that I found and it was packed so I pull up to the Vic down by the river right as two Bandidos come in front of me with Beaumont banners and I starting to wonder a bit.
Turns out they are cool as hell and when I tell them I'm riding to SA they say "Hell I buy you a beer then" and it was on. It was TugBoat and TomTom and they'd been at the National in Pueblo and where headed up to Washington for a run with another chapter out there because of 10 year member ceremony. Turns out TubBoat has a house down in Belize where we're going to try and met up in Oct a have a little fun.
Met Kurt (or possible Kirk) who tended the bar and BSed about Rainbow trail and XR400 and he loaned me the bar net to search for Hayduke cause I was looking for a place to crash that night.
After a few more rounds the three of us headed to the Tenderfoot bar for some pizza and cold drinks before calling it a night.

The coolest thing about Salida it the big floating 'S' up on the hill overlooking the town, looks like they are calling for superman to show up. At night it looked totally suspended not being able to see the mountain behind it, sorry no picture of that one, just believe.

Kurt had mentioned and I'd seen early before going into the Vic that I could squeeze between the posts across the river and ride the tracks and find me a spot to lay for the night, again just little cool for my little sleeping bag that I was running sans tent. I had to sleep until the sun warmed me up enough. Here's my spot the morning of the tenth.

The floating S is on the mountain with the little white shack on top in the background.

More of 10th in next post
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