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Yep, i couldn't agree more ! Just installed the dash mount adapter and zumo lockable holder on my '09 Adv.

Firstly, the set up is for the earlier models, NOT the new '09, so some extra drilling is reqd to line the bracket up with the pre drolled holes, then spacers are reqd to move the whole thing away from the screen.

Secondly, it does not sit neatly on the dash, so one of the rubber pads is not actually in contact with the plastic, so some additional bodging reqd here also.

Thirdly, yes, the whole thing vibrates just too much. If you spend too much time tryin to focus you're more than likely to end up dead !

Fourthly, where the holder fits onto the dash adaptor, it is not scooped out, just a flat surface. Unlike the Ram mounts this is a cheap and crap method of attachment.

To sum it up, i would prefer to send the whole thing back to them with a jar of vaseline [use your imagination !]
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