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7/28/09 Day 5 of the TAT: Moab, UT to Salina, UT aprox. 270 miles

Today was a doozy. We were skipping the second dual sport bypass and I was nervous about the upcoming "very deep sand, big rocks and a nasty uphill climb" in Sam's notes.

Originally, we planned to spend another day in Moab to do the White Rim Trail. However, after going to the visitor's center and talking to the folks there, we weren't sure if we wanted to spend the 10 hrs it takes. Looking back, we realized that they meant it would take 10 hrs at the posted speed limit. So, we actually would have done it in 3-4 hrs.

Regardless, neither one of us wanted to spend another night in Moab (not that there's anything wrong with Moab, we just wanted to keep moving). I saw an interesting 4x4 loop mentioned in a Moab tourist pamphlet and we decided to give it a whirl. It looked like the loop would fit right into the day's TAT ride.

There were tons of these green bugs at the gas station - on the islands, pumps and all over the ground. They kind of look like edamame.

Had coffee, yogurt and terrible rolls for breakfast.

The ride out to Gemini Bridges was beautiful. Pretty rocks and red dirt everywhere. It was a fun little road.

After Gemini Bridges, we left the TAT and did the 4x4 loop. It worked out perfectly, without missing any of the TAT - at mile 124.74 where Sam says "RIGHT on #313," we made a left instead. Later, we would come back to this intersection and pick up exactly where we left off. We bought a 25 cent map of Canyonlands at the Moab visitor's center and it paid off - there's no info or maps available if you enter Canyonlands on this part of 313.

If anyone is interested, the loop incorporates Long Canyon Rd, Potash Rd, and Shafer Trail Rd.

Long Canyon was a fantastic road. Really pretty and a neat ride.

I shot a short video here. We had no idea there was going to be a rock to go under - that was a fun little surprise! At one point, I clunked Matt in the helmet with the camera, but he didn't seem to mind.

I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what photos are from what road. I think this is still Long Canyon.

Took a little water break and watched the river rafters.

hello, cactus.

[Ignore these extra photobucket thingies - I can't make them go away. Don't worry, there aren't any pics missing, either ]

This silty section surprised us (I think this is on Potash Road). We were zooming along when the bike got all wiggly. Neither one of us can remember if we had a get-off or if Matt just put his foot down. This is looking back at the silt...

The loop goes on part of the White Rim Trail - here's Island in the Sky

Looking back on Shafer Trail Road

Lots of switchbacks.

So tiny compared to the rocks...

This was a great little loop. After the tourist overload at Arches yesterday, it was wonderful to have peace and quiet. All this fantastic scenery and no people! It gave us a nice taste of Canyonlands and only added 37-38 miles to our day.

From Shafer Trail Road, we were able to get back onto 313 and mile 124.74. We reset the odometer and picked up the TAT right where we left off.


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