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Working on the 10th some more.
Back to my screw up earlier this morning. Before leaving Salida I wanted to drop by and meet Hayduke and Bonnie who I attempted to find the night before while I was at the Vic. Stopped by the shop little before opening and got me a little Safety Third sticker for the mule and had early lunch across the street.

Here's Duke's tee shop and the previous floating 'S' off to the left:

Loaded up on some fuel and then hooked up with 175 out near the new hosptial and headed somewhat NE out of town and into some beautiful country with wide open spaces looking like something straight out of Lonesome Dove.

Eventually got onto County Road 53 I think and it dumped me out right south of Hartsel. At Hartsel I went looking for and asking around for the hotsprings that the Garmn said where near by. Found out that they where full of sludge and no longer used. Damn shame those people don't get out there with a trachoe and fix the place back to its former glory, could be a real money maker.

From there went down to Spinney and 11 mile lake area and then crossed over to Florissant where I ran into a hellasish traffic jam that made me break many laws riding the left lane until I saw a trooper and then jumped back right side and creeped along the edge to the first turn to the right that brought me down to Cripple Creek, not intending but it turned out.

Saw a nice tribute to the forces made from some sand:

And saw a rare motorbike for this country, I think it was a Honda Varadero that had been kitted out extra fuel and bags on the crash bars, looked to be from GB if those are the right plates, anyone one here??

Never did see the riders

Downtown CC on the move here:

After milling through down I head on to Victor where I ended up on the best part of my day today. Hooked up with the Goldbelt Tour through Phantom Canyon here: and it turned out a nice easy way to spend part of the day. TomTom, one of the Bandidos that I met at the Vic in Salida was the one that actually told me about the road and I happen to fall right onto it right outside of Victor.
Very nice views all over the place, hard to believe the narrow guage RR once plowed through here:

They had some nice p facilities along the route for your needs:

with some more history and cool old photos of what once was:

Some of the neater parts to me where the newer wood topped curved bridge looked straight out of Alaska to me:

Then nearer the end two of these which I really dug:

After this it led me out HW50 near Canon City where I hung a left and head to Peublo because I needed to get my super tracker startraxx updated for my trip. I'd screwed off to much during the day and showed up near 5pm in town and started looking for some free wifi, thought I found it at a McD and then also found you got to pay to play.

At this point I thought it was just best to find a cheap hotel with fast internet and I ended up with the motel 6 in the late afternoon, took a nice quick cool swim and then went in for a siesta.
The mule even got a decent spot to avoid the rain that I didn't know was coming:

I wanted to get the RR kicked off so I got back up around 11:30pm and decided to hoof it down the street for a little late night Taco Bell where I could practice some spanish. Turns out the goofy devils won't let you walk up to the window and order and since the bike was so far away I thought I'd be a tricky little bastard and flag down the next person coming through the line and ask a favor.

Sure enough shortly later a guy happened by on a S. Intruder and I offered to buy his meal to help me and we where good to go, me just feeling smug getting my order handed over- big freaking deal. Really feel sorry for the poor homeless person who scored a few bucks and was hoping for a late night taco because he is just screwed unless he pulls my trick.

The guy's name was Thomas I think and he was partially disabled guy, back trouble, who enjoyed riding in the evenings around Pueblo becasue of the nicer temperatures. He'd laid out on an earlier thunder shower that rolled through and now while we where enjoying our food on the front patio the rain return. We quickly finnished and then he offered to haul me back to the 6 up the road, I think because I let him have the rest of the Jackson. Kinda weird riding on back after always being up front, but it sure beat walking in the light rain.

Got back to 136 in time for the local mexican mafia wannabes to start circling the local hotel parking lots dropping m80s off in selected sites. I stayed up most of the night uploading pictures and starting this report and getting to realtime just now, after screwing my earlier post with a back arrow screw up and now have taken the advice and used wordpad for most of this go around, never seems the same each time you write something up, I guess we'll never know will we.

As my favorite saying goes "It's always something and it never quits"

Today I will be in Pueblo fooling with this Satellite tracker to see if I can get it set up for the rest of the trip. Would like to blast back to T-town in OK to have a cold beer with the boys from OK at the Colony this evening if at all possible. I'm going to go consult mapquest and check the possibilities.

More to come when I get back home for the next go up to the northeast, ferry from Sydney to Argentia is coming fast, I thought I got away from time scheudules when I quit my a say it never quits.

Looking forward to more fun on the road

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