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7/29/09 Day 6 of the TAT: Salina, UT to Ely, NV aprox 383 miles

Woke up feeling refreshed and happy. My ankle was tender, but seemed fine. I was a little stressed out over the upcoming Paiute Trail, but I tried not to think about it.

Everything was great until we were getting ready to pull out of the Rodeway Inn parking lot and Matt couldn't find his wallet. Crap. Hope he didn't leave it in the restaurant last night. We're usually pretty careful about checking motel rooms before we leave, so we start off by unpacking the bags. Nothing. It took three tries before the desk clerk could give me the right room key (she finally gave me the master key instead of a key card) and I searched the whole room. Nothing. I looked behind the giant dresser/sideboard thingy and didn't see anything, but when I took a hanger and dragged it along the back, I thought I felt something. His dark blue wallet had fallen behind, and almost completely under, the dresser. Whew. Disaster averted.

We started off with some easy farm roads on the way to Richfield, UT. We had some confusion with the roll charts in the beginning and the numbers didn't make sense, but once we found the canals, it was okay.

Stopped in Richfield to get coffee and find 6mm screws (the ones for the fender have disappeared - guess we did have some screws loose ). I tried to chat up this guy, but he was not amused. good doggie...

hi, cows.

Matt warned me that the Paiute Trail was supposed to be steep, narrow and rutted. I was nervous, as I always am.

I like the Paiute Trail mascot guy.

We loved the Paiute! It was all cool and shady...there were nice trees (hi, trees!) and pretty overlooks...And there was dirt (not gravel)! We could have played in there all day.

I always get caught up in enjoying the ride and I forget to take photos. This was a steep-ish section, with small ruts. Matt wanted more.

It was bright and hot and glare-y once we got back in the gravel.

We flew through the gravel roads today. Once Matt gets into his groove, we just listen to the ipod and the miles click by. We have an intercom, but we don't talk all the time. We discuss the roll charts, if necessary, and point out wildlife to each other, but most of the time we're just listening to playlists and watching the stuff whizz by.

At some point, we both notice what seem to be three bike tracks. They look fresh. Could it be themansfield (Andrew), Paul and Julian? Matt dials it up a notch and pretty soon we see three figures on the side of the road...

I really wish I had a photo of them to insert here. I suck.
Guys, get going on that ride report!

I don't know how thrilled they were to see us, but I sure was excited to see them! We had a little chit chat about the TAT and did some catching up, and then it was time to ride. We're always riding alone so I was looking forward to having some company. Matt rides with people all the time and he had warned me that it might not be as fun as I thought it was going to be - mostly, it would be dusty.

Man, he wasn't kidding. I had planned to take some action photos but the dust cloud from three bikes, riding in formation, was too much. I didn't think our crappy little camera could handle the grit (the lens protector had already started sticking in Moab) so I never even took it out. We enjoyed watching them ride, though, and they were really on the gas!

Later on, we met up at State Line for refueling and more chit chat. Originally, Matt and I had planned to stay at State Line because the next part of the trail included the last bypass section - "5 miles of single track and deep sand" - and it seemed like it would make for a long day. But, as always, we had arrived ahead of schedule and we decided to press on. Matt and I shared a nutritious lunch of beef jerky, mountain dew and a prepackaged muffin. Yum. We were hoping to ride with the guys on more interesting terrain, but we got the feeling that maybe they wanted us to go on ahead. Not that we blamed them in the slightest...they were having a manly camping adventure and here we were, a boring old sightseeing couple on a Goldwing.

We said our goodbyes, hoping to meet up again down the line, and headed back out to the desert. We had had some two track earlier and Matt was able to zoom along. Sometimes the two track is fine and fast and sometimes it's slow and scary. Most of the trail today was fine and fast.


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