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Follow Lu with SPOT at

Lu's will be an approximately 50 day ride. Based on experience, we have dialed
back the mileage traveled to allow more PR for International Friendship and less
droning of endless and friendless freeway miles.

When Lu arrives in LA, and after he gets kitted up with a loaner bike from one
of our many notoriously generous inmates, he and his escort(s) will depart for the
US/Mexican border. After all, what rider wouldn't want to say they rode from
Mexico to Canada and back? Lu will not enter Mexico but he get darn close. Same
with Canada.

The escorted portion of the ride is to familiarize Lu with the bike, road customs, and
conventions such as fueling and using his PayPal debit card. Somewhere on the way
to Las Vegas, Lu's escort may break away and then Lu is as on his own as he wants.

Shawn/Direwolf, as SV mentioned is this year's treasurer. Already he has stepped up
to the line and solved a few knotty problems helping Lu get funding straightened out.

Oh, did I mention debit card? Inmates can use the ever so improved funding method
of PayPaling directly into Lu's debit card. DireWolf is in control of the debit card and
any questions about donations should be directed to him. Hopefully, DireWolf will not
experience any bookkeeping or money transfer difficulties with this new system.

The PayPal account for Lu is:

I know some inmates have a burr under their saddle about PayPal. They might want
to send a personal check. Any money is gratefully accepted but I can tell you from
my experience that personal checks add a lot of extra handling and bookkeeping effort
to the process. So if you can force yourself to use PayPal, please do so. You don't
need a PayPal account to send. Just log into and you can send
money from a credit card.

But checks are certainly welcomed, PM DireWolf for a snail mail address.

Lu's basic route covering everything from the lush Pacific to the high desert. There is a
banquet of points of interest to choose from.

Optional or second route.


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