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Originally Posted by GTomic
Oh, did I mention debit card? Inmates can use the ever so improved funding method
of PayPaling directly into Lu's debit card. DireWolf is in control of the debit card and
any questions about donations should be directed to him. Hopefully, DireWolf will not
experience any bookkeeping or money transfer difficulties with this new system.

The PayPal account for Lu is:
What he said.

Looking forward to this, and glad I could be of help.

Not sure how the donations have been done in the past, but I would request that any PayPal donations include a name and screen name. I'll post a hearty "Thanks" to any and all donors. If you want to be anonymous - let me know that too, so I can send a PM. Not only do I want to tip the hat to donors (public or private) I think it is a good thing for anyone generous enough to contribute to get some verification that payment was received.

As for PayPal - I have opened an account under the email - but it is not connected to any bank account, and all funds donated go into that account, and that account only. GTomic gave great advice on the book keeping side of things, and this account is being used for one thing - this ride. We went with the PayPal debit Card (in Lu's name) to ease the whole process, and require Lu to carry less cash - hopefully making the whole process more secure for everyone.

Please, please, please - it you can find it your heart to donate - please use the PayPal account. I will accept checks (PM me), but I have to deposit the thing, and then somehow transfer the funds over the PayPay wall into Lu's account.

Looking forward to meeting you Lu!

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