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Day 6 continued...

After we left State Line, the skies began to darken. We had some nice cooling rain, then some stinging hail.

After flying through the desert two track, we started to climb. We had finally arrived at the last bypass section - "5 miles of single track and deep sand." It drives me crazy that I can't find the name of this section on the roll chart or TAT map, so if anyone knows what it is, please let me know.

Here's a short video of the section.

What a great trail! Sandy, rocky...wide single track around trees...lots of twists and turns...Don't miss it! It was a blast. I think Matt would have gone back and done the whole thing again if it wasn't getting so late.

Christmas in July!

I think he liked it. Just a little.

Then it was back to the desert.

and more desert.

We saw lots of elk.

and cows.

I had never seen barbed wire gates until this trip. As pillion, it was my job to be gatemaster so I was always on the lookout for the damn things. This is the gate that almost got us. The sun was getting low and Matt was still happy from the sand wash so we were flying along. I thought I saw something, but I wasn't sure until the last second. "FENCE! FENCE! FENCE!"
He slid to a stop just in time.

This was such a pretty surprise - Chimney Rock Spring

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos from Lone Pine Summit. It was pretty, but I was busy enjoying the ride. Matt was still in his zone and we were zooming along in that smooth, easy, "flow" state. I love when the ride is like that. I don't normally check our speed, but at one point, I noticed that we were going kind of fast for such a steep rocky ascent. When I peeked over Matt's shoulder, I was concerned. Wow. I didn't want to break his concentration, so I just sat quietly. The speeds only increased as we went down the other side. Later, after we were back in the gravel, I asked about it. He had no idea how fast we were going but said he could see the perfect line and it just kept coming.

We were really racing the sun as we headed to Preston, NV.

We got to where Preston was supposed to be and looked around. Is this it? We rode the Preston Loop, thinking it would bring us to the main town. Uh oh. How about Lund? After going back to the Preston truck stop and seeing that the coffee shop was closed and the gas station only had 85-87 octane, we slabbed 39 miles to Ely and found a room at the Motel 6.

Today was one of our better riding days. One of those days that makes you really appreciate being on a bike.

Tomorrow - the trail giveth, the trail taketh away...

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