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One of the new tires won't be here until Friday sometime so that's when I'll take off for the ferry up in Nova Scotia at Sydney on Wed evening. Going to use the TKCs for the most part but put on a anakee for the mostly road ride North and carry it for a spare once I put on the fresh TKC before the boat ride.

One of the few good things about riding long stretches of interstate is the unusual things people haul down the road and how they go about it all. Proof here looks to be headed to Mexico best I can see:

His paint job almost makes him camo'd for driving the interstate and he will have to pay attention at the drive through for sure and maybe some low underpasses.

Here's some shots from the way back to northeast OK. Was a hot ride going across the panhandle and I looked forward to the setting sun at my back.

Got one last pass in CO bagged as I dropped South out of the state:

It was like riding with the AC on the weather was so nice but that would change as soon as I near the panhandle of OK.

The Cap. Volcano is interesting to see how far you can see it riding towards and away from it.
Here's one at speed from some distance:

Had a nice burger burger at the local burger shop in Guymon, OK after getting the first ticket of the day, those where some tasty o-rings:

And some miles down the road getting another ticket didn't make me feel any better but at least I'm still riding. I missed the usual adv crowd at the Colony in Tulsa but I had one to celebrate a successful return.

Its a nice place with a good spot outside in the evening air, still don't know how this camera works. Gonna have to call this the No Camera Skills ride instead of North Central South. I will get lots of practice.

Good ride back home.

Up to date for now. Next go around starts sometime Friday.
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