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Originally Posted by KhaoSanMan
I'm in the market for a good torque wrench that fits my budget (under $100)

Could someone give me the run down on what would make a good wrench for working on an airhead BMW?

For instance:

Should I be looking for ft/lbs. or newton measurements?

How far should the range go for my bike ( a 95 R100GS), would 25-250lbs. be good or do I need something that can go lower?

I'm looking at this one here on amazon

but haven't really spent much time looking since I have never used a torque wrench before.

i picked up a couple of fairly inexpensive torque wrenches at the local auto parts store. one for lb-ft, one for lb-in. they come with handy conversion tables.

i take them to work and check them against a calibrated master once a year or so, and so far they've been fine.
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