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Just consulted mapquest:
and it looks like there are some miles to lay down to get to the boat, not the way I wanted to do it but its the way it is. The tires where the big hang up and me working on odds and ends.

Needed a half jeep full of rubber:

Got to play like a kid and get a banana fudge popsicle while working on the bike at shop temperature, have the beaver the damn thing before it melts all over the floor.

Almost got a picture of the new neighbor lady kinda trying to get picture of the ice cream van going down the road, she looks kinda cute from a few houses down.
Banana fugde macro on the left:

Got the gs911 up and running and checked some fault codes and nothing other than some ABS code that didn't look like much came up. Cool little thing, thinks its one of the good buys of all the stuff I bought for this trip. Also got some important looking papers that say how good I can drive a motorcycle, not really need for North but will use them more for South trip.

Easy to work little bugger:

Some of those codes, any look very bad to you guys?


And my favorite real time mode, looks important:

Got the new shoes put on the mule plus the carry spare (real poser look now) that I will change before the boat or as time permits. Wishing I could be on the little bike and have a week and a half before the first ferry but it is what it is and I will just make the best of it. Looking forward to the week on the island to slow up and work on my picture skills and

Fresh tires and almost good to go:

Got me some MREs over at Tulsa today so I won't starve to death out on the road. Figured out a way to throw everything that I wanted on the mule and getting ready to take off this evening and run in the cool for a while over to the East.

Hope I have luck with the wifi thingy, I'm semi determined to keep this thing rolling all the way through.

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