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Originally Posted by SCQTT
You do know that the engine configuration and not the "pipe" is what makes the bikes sound the way they do. Right?

Most people want their bike to typically sound like one of three engine configurations.

a 45 degree V twin with a single crankpin.

A 90 degree V twin.

An inline four.

People tend to make up for the fact that they do not have the "right" engine layout for the optimum sound they are looking for by making their bike louder.

I'm sorry, I do not mean to insult you if you know all of this, but I am really surprised by how many people do not.

No offense taken. I am aware of that. I just like a loud pipes or louder than stock anyway. I like to hear every rev the bike makes. I enjoy the exhaust tune. My question was related to the different exhaust sounds for this bike. One suggested that the Akra had a better sound than others. I was just looking for opinions from that. I want to change the pipe more for sound than performance. However bikes in general run better/cooler when they are opened up. Stock these bikes run lean as it is.
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