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Originally Posted by rmhrc628
Great effort guys

So the 650 really is a great all round bike?

Your team effort must have cost a fortune - I presume the manufacturer financially backs the team and its members? Otherwise someone has some VERY deep pockets!!!

Looked like a great team as well - sort if underdogs against the big Honda team.

I hope you guys win in 2010.
We wish!!!

Very limited backing from the manufacturer..... mainly funded out each of the riders pocket! SafariBerg can probably elaborate but my understanding is that Husaberg helped by having parts available and also by only charging cost price for the items we used. There was also some dealer support but apart from that it was primarily the 'rental' money that each of the riders paid that funded the team. Some support is certainly better than no support but yes it does cost each of the riders a small fortune to enter a race like the Australasian Safari.

My guess is Honda & KTM would have similar budgets for the Safari (fairly substantial and enough to support 2 riders each), Yamaha supported 1 rider this year, Husaberg helped to support a team of essentially privateer riders.

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