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Well after fixing the bent up bar from the parking lot lay-over and working over my turtle pac tank so it would stay together I got underway. It was much better traveling at night, cool and just me and the trucks and a handful of cars scattered.

At one point there was some short cab over box truck with Indiana plates that came up quick on me and shortly after passing went into black out mode for a long time, I was interested so I sped up to watch all this. The dude would get out in the open and then go drug runner blackout for a few miles even more than once passing a big truck with no lights on
Never could figure out what he was up to but I went on around when we got into some traffic West side of Indianapolis and that's all I know about that.

I was making really good time running in the cool night until I had an urge for some waffels and pulled over for at the first waffle house I came by for an early morning breakfast which turned into a gong show. I should have known better than that with all the Sat night drunks who got the muchies after getting their drink on.

Two waffels I got that where a screwed up earlier order:

Most of the meal less the toast:

The girl working the late shift was in over her head and got the order all jacked up, I was eating in stages all that I ordered plus an extra waffle give-away that ened up costing $10 with the a dollar and change for a tip that wasn't deserved but surely expected with no apologies. Oh well, money sure seems to go too easy sometimes. Such is life.

One of the worst WH in the country:

After the little WH breakfast I head on down the road until I need to take a stop at a rest area right East of Indianapolis called Greenfield. I went in to take a piss and have a stretch and then hopped back on the mule and got lights and fuel pump start-up just for a moment and then blacked out just like a blown fuse or something, great I'm really not liking loading and unloaded all the gear for each problem that comes along.

I got everything off ~3am at the rest stop that was thankfully well lit and started working on a diagnosis. Went to the fuse box first by mistake with the fluke getting ready to give er hell but then snapped back into reality and checked the most obvious, the battery connections, and sure enough the positive cable that I took off to change the starter had worked its way loose and was barely making contact. Easy fix but I had to pop the tank which was recently just filled, SOB. Got that all fixed up and off again after some extended time.

Keep on riding some nice easy miles in the early morning hours and was ready for a little cap nap on a rest area somewhere to the West of Columbus and found picnic table with my name on it around 5:30am my time. Slept really good for 1 1/2 hours and then cranked it on up again through Ohio.
View from my little table top bed:

Ohio has more than its fair share of Highway Patrol covering 70 and 71, more than once I was in a tight spot. Staying in the slow lane saved me and sacrificed the fast lane guy once for sure, red car didn't help much either.

Head on north towards Cleveland on the big roads still trying to make some time to get to the boat with some time to spare. Did have one fuel stop that cost me my glasses, seems I went in to pay and get a small bite to eat and somehow left them or someone snatch them up. I first noticed 1 mile down the interstate and turned back to look for them and came up with nothing, damn, least I can still see some.
Last known location of my specs, forever gone:

It will give me something to do on the island during the week between the ferry rides when I'm not riding.

One of the few stops that I was going to try and make was see Niagara Falls for the first time. All I remember is watching in on Superman and how he saved Lois Lane from going over the edge with his laser cutting eye beams. Was neat to see it and even better to walk down into the spray.

I stayed over on the American side and left goat island and the Canadian side for next time around maybe with that someone special

Lots of water going over the edge:

Really don't like the tourist thing that much any more but these are pretty neat and they are going to draw in the people. Looking forward to those big ones down the SA later on in the trip.

Very nice shade of blue green down below:

I got to check out the water proofness of a rally pro, works well from a stranger:

best I could do:

Waterproof camera working good so far, this might have looked pretty good had it not been for the extra mist:

I did find me a free place to park the mule while I went to have a look around:

Another thing I love about riding a bike, you can park it just about anywhere.

I loaded back up not really wanting to head on down the road just yet and found a nice little curry house to load up my palate on some foreign cuisine that was quite nice here:

One of my plates:

I met the owner Jag and his pal Walter and they told me a little about town and the neat little museum across the steet with the Niagara Falls daredevils and their history. They had some really neat displays and timeline of events of people trying to be famous, the guy that owns the shop is good friends with one of the more famous repeat offenders.

Here some pictures from there:

This worked well for Steven Trotters's first solo attempt.

Here's his second duo attempt for a Father's Day present that cost him around 20K:

Him and a girl went over it this beat up one and got stuck in the wash for about 90 mins before they got hauled in.

This didn't work out well at all:

Apparently his chute didn't open when he really needed it.

Here's to Jag for letting me hook up on his secure wifi and do this upload. He's a very nice native born American of Indian decent(really) who's family owns and operates the curry house. He grew up in LA and then ended up out here running the family business, he's good people :

Glad I got to met him.

I'm thinking about running out across NY and get over to Mt Washington while I have a little time before the boat that leaves Wednesday night out of Sydney, NS.

I hope this gets better than just hammering down the interstate stopping at the tourist destinations. Looking forward to the riding out on the islands and what's yet to come. Its been good to be on the big mule so far. I've been getting lots of nice compliments about her condtion, makes me smile every time.

Been good time so far. Adios for now.
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