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Originally Posted by TwoWheelsGood

Sorry about your crash. Sounds like you might be wearing the Leatt outside of your pressure suit? It's supposed to be worn right on your body, with the pressure suit worn on top of it. My order is:
  1. Dri-fit running shirt
  2. Leatt
  3. Koerta suit, worn over the Leatt. The front zips mostly up, close enough
  4. Camelback
I may have a couple jerseys altered, to make the neck bigger so it fits over the Leatt and over the pressure suit.

You all have it wrong.

1. Drink until you're drunk
2. Drink some more
3. Fill your Camelback with alcohol and keep riding....while drinking.
4. Stop every 30 minutes to drink some more.
5. If you drink beer, you might need to have your clothing altered to fit your pressure suit/beer belly.
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