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Originally Posted by olec
I bought an EXC tripmaster switch because I found the plug among all wires behind the headlight. I have an '07 SE, and it plugs straight in. I was excited to see if I also had the pin #14 problem, but not so. All three buttons are working.

But I should have read this thread better, because I'm a little dissapointed. Sure its a must to increase or decrease the total in trip 2 when doing roadbooks. But what about trip 1. I use trip 1 between the different checkpoints and need to reset it to 0 every time. So the tripmaster switch only is good in trip 2 mode? I still have to reach down on the tripmaster panel and press reset?
Im guessing the rationale that Trip 1 cant be reset or incremented/decremented from the remote control is so that it cannot be done by accident.

I use Trip1 as my cumulative distance travelled - so I have an idea how much of my fuel range I have used.

There maybe a similar use with respect to racing that I dont know about -
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