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Well, its nice to decrease / increase the total, ie trip 2, so it matches the instructions in the roadbook. There is always a total cumulated reading at each cp. So no matter how much I screw up, I can synch my trip 2 and the roadbook's total when finding the cp.

Hmmm.... I'm not doing rallies or stuff like that. Just organized rally wannabe events . I think its plenty of time to reach down and reset trip 1 between the cp's.

That makes me think of another thread I've seen. Its a guy that has opened up the tripmaster console and soldered on a couple of wires on the backside of the reset button and looped them through a custom button on the handlebar. I've been thinking this has been a cheap custom mod instead of installing a real switch, but know I see why he did it. Maybe its my next project....
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