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Got one!

I found the Harmony Church marker that I've been out twice to find and come back empty handed. Part of the problem was it's on a County Road with a vague location. The other part was the County Road is closed on one end as it's falling in the river. It was a real you can't get there from here situation.

The Marker is located along CR-45 (River Run Road) at the junction with Master Graphics Road CR-45/9.

Yes, those really are bullet holes.

Also, I was unable to find the church. The road I suspect it is down is blocked on one end by an old car and gated at the other. No physical means around it. I'm going to do some checking, and if the church is down that road, I'm going to talk to the Mon. County Sheriff's Department and see if I can get them to serve notice to whoever blocked it. It is not listed as gated on the up-to-date county maps.

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