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We catch Martha doing her homework in this one.

Home of Jack Warhop, Hinton Little League Ballfields.

From the South

From the North

First, take note of two things. Jack's name is spelled different and, the introduction of a new player.

Let's talk about Jack first. He was born with the Wauhop spelling. Some how it changed over time. There is very little known about his younger years, but he certainly made a name in fast pitch. I take a couple of things away from this. A small town boy can make it in the big leagues, but there is always a Babe out there ready to serve one back at ya.

Now, the new player. This guy has been around the sun 86 times and doesn't appear to be done yet. Martha took her helmet off for this one, dangerous. Either she's going home with him, or he's going home with her. Turns out the former. After a tour of the Hinton dam, a history lesson of 86 years, and a few pictures, he invited us into his home for memories that there is no way for me to describe. Thank you Mr. Honaker.(pronounced Haw-nu-ker)

The Hinton Dam

The Corps is retrofitting for electron flow.

I think these guys have some pretty sweet rides.

A view from the Dam back toward town.

And Mr. Honaker was not going to let Martha leave without some Red-Eye for lunch.

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