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Originally Posted by Padmei
Very impressed BO.
Did you vacuum form the part yourself? Or get someone to do it. I take it you then took the part to the foundry where they created a sand mold off the part for forging & did the rest.

How did they make the sand mold then get the part out?

Is there a market out there to reproduce these parts to partially offest the initial costs & time?
Hi Padmei,
Yeh I vacuum formed the pattern myself using the machine at a friends work, then I did all the finishing at home.
After that the foundery did the casting - I'm not sure how they made the sand mold exactly other than the fact that the pull was verticle.
The cast part was as you see it in the top photo, very rough, when I got it so I milled and sanded and linished it before blasting it.

Initially I was quite keen to make and sell these but I'm not happy enough with the finished size of this one as I slightly miss-calculated the shrinkage. It's ok for me but not to sell. There's also a lot of time in post finishing them. Maybe in the future.

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