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KTM Clarificatoin??????????

I'm wanting a KTM, BUT, I want lightness. Street & Trail. Long Range.

Here's the Dilema. I've narrowed it down to two bikes.
I will do 50/50 street trail (about)

Adventure: Great range (big tank)
Leccy start
Wind protection
will take any and all luggage

cons: weight
maybe/maybe not available 2005
Crap front fender on new ones

660 SMC: Light weight
would only have to get 21" front wheel/use rear off-road too
Big power

cons?: American version apparently different to everyone elses.
Is the sub-frame the same as the Adventure?
(rear fender is different)
will an Adventure rear fender and rack fit?
I would have to install Adventure Tank and Fairng $$$$$
I wouldn't have the instruments of the Adventure

Our 660 SMC

Everyone elses 660 SMC

I wonder which route would be cheaper?

Making an Adventure out of a motard
or vice-versa

Does our 660 have the same oil capacity as everyone elses?
Does it have a cush drive?

look! a chicken!

Thanks in advance for any replys
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