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I have been taking motorcycles apart and putting them back together as long as I have been riding them. 32 years. This design is a new one on me.
I do not have any formal engineering background and don't claim that the numbers don't work in the case of the shock bolt and mount area on the 800. But my frame is bending.
I can say in my opinion, the bolt is spanning too great an area and is begging to bend when stressed more so than the conventional mounting methods used by other manufacturers. The bolt diameter is also pretty small compared to what I have seen as well.
I'm not over-confident that I will get BMW to repair my bike. I can only hope.

My riding style may be faster or more aggressive than the intended user for this machine, but that's not saying much. I haven't launched this bike or hammered sets of stadium whoops w/ it. I have never even crashed (in motion) this bike. I can ride all day long and come back for more tomorrow. That said, I ride so that I can ride again another day. I would expect this bike to hold up to frequent off road use.
I'm finding lots of folks who have bought and sold 800's after coming to some realizations re: it's longevity when used off road.
I truly enjoy this bike and will be sad when she goes.

Joel, can you look at this mounting design and honestly say you feel it is a good one?
Again, it begs to fail in my opinion.
I will wait for BMW's response and go from there.
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