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Fuel Pump Driver Failed on an 08 R1200GS

250 km into a weekend trip my bike wouldn't run. It would start, rev-out or idle for about 2 seconds, but wouldn't run. This happenned for about 30 starting attempts. After that all it would do is crank over, but not start. There were no warning or fault codes on the dash. BTW it was raining off-and-on all day.

Thanks to BMW roadside assistance the bike was trucked to a dealer (about a 200 km tow). The dealer diagnosed the situation as a faulty fuel pump electronic controller - aka fuel pump driver - and a replacement is currently on order (2 week delivery).

A little research revealed these controllers became wet due to a flawed o-ring seal. However, this situation was reported in 2005 and one might assume that this had been fixed for the 08 models.

1. Can anyone report this happenning to other 08-R1200GSs?
2. Is it possible to carry out a road-side replacement of the fuel pump electronic controller?

'08 R1200GS
'08 F650GS (twin)
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