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Originally Posted by Mr D Hertz
Hey Mango-
When I first got my 02 640 Adventure, one of the first trips I went on was a Baja ride with some pretty good (as in motocross racer type) riders. I certainly wasn't as skilled as they were, but we were all amazed at the capabilities of my bike in the dirt. What a blast!
A few months ago, I decided to get a set of street wheels/tires as well. So, I installed a pair of 17" wheels with sticky rubber (complete with rotor, sprocket, etc.), a pumper carb properly jetted, a bar snake and some soft grips, some bar risers, a Scotts dampener, and maybe best of all....a Bill Mayer saddle.
I must say....the transformation is startling! The bike feels like a canyon racer now. I can easily do hundreds of miles a day without strain. The vibration has been minimized, and is a non factor now.
There was a time when I thought I might trade up for a 950 Adventure and keep the 640 in dirt mode, but I no longer want a 950 'cause I'm having too much damn fun on the 640!
Two sets of wheels for your 640 Adventure, and you have a bike with a serious multiple personality disorder!
Thanks Hertz & KTim both. Hertz, that sounds like a plan. A recent Baghira

ride is what got me all fired up on this. I was able get my knees down, was

almost dragging the pegs(feet too wide), and out running my buddy who was

on my SV at deals gap. The ADV has WAY!!!!! better suspension than the

Baghira so it should be a real hoot. I only have the SV right now. But I started

riding dirt bikes at age six. This was my stable a couple years ago,

so ya, I like the street and trails also.

Thank you everyone.
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