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Such a drag...
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Originally Posted by NordieBoy
NordieBoy (NZ) 2001 60,000km
Transalper (NZ) 2001 55,000km
Rosscoact (AU) 2004 13,000km
Mardy (US?) 1997 53,000km
TH (NZ) 1999 40,000km
RubberCow80 (AU) 2001 25,000km (2nd gear?)
Philth (AU) 3 bikes <20,000km (2nd gear?)
BikeRooter (AU) 2006 10,200km
Madsdad (US) 2005 16,000km
briangv99 (AU) 2006 21,000km
bluebye (US) 2004 37,000km
Hmmm, Looks to me like only 2, maybe 3, in the US and the rest on the other side of the world. I wonder if that's because you guys use them harder, or got a bad batch, or just a matter of very few being reported here in the US... They're probably all exactly the same all around the world but there have to be way more DR650's in the US than Down Under just based on the populations alone. Seems that we'd have a higher # of US blow-ups too.
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