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I'm not worried......on my third one now!

I had a 91 I traded in on a 97 way back in the day (it had just over 50,000 MILES on it and was still going pretty strong. (only ever replaced the cam-chain and tensioner around 40,000 mles).
The 97 was just a tick under 50,000 MILES before a Subaru totaled it out back in 2000. Bought her back from the Insurance company to part out and I tore it down to inspect things (with a micrometer, not by eyeball) and aside from the crankshaft end play being almost out of spec (as well as the timing chain, tensioner and camshaft) everything else was still fine.

Sooooo, I'm now on my third (just unloaded the 08 xt250) and we'll see how it goes if they've cheapend anything up on the inside of the engine/tranny.

In all honesty, I've never beat the piss out of my DR's off road (I ride at an exploratory pace) but did take them places they never really belonged (single track). I DID however, ride the shit out of them on the street.

I sure hope this one turns out to be as reliable as DR's of the past.
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