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When you're not using your 950 for 80% off road or more (but then, why would you buy a 950 in the first place?) I don't understand this mod.

For Meoni & Co. who ride their bikes through the desert and nothing else it does make sense IMO. The rally bikes have a small and light(er) 300mm rotor from the enduro models with the standard Brembo 2-pot we have too. A big 320 floating rotor with a 4-pot caliper won't shave off much unsprung weight. BTW, a floating rotor requires fixed mounting of the 4-pot caliper. Not the stock floating caliper setup.

The stock twin disk arrangement of the 950 is ok-to-good for street use but nothing more. Not nearly as good as the achors on the 12GS for instance. Amputating half the stopping power doesn't make much sense IMO. I don't think the 950 is a bike with a 'surplus' of brakes to say the least. A single 320 & 4-pot will bring back some of the lost power but by the time it gets up to the level of the stock brakes it'll suffer the same downsides off road too. But then together with the other downsides of a single disk setup too. Possible heat problems with street use but for sure handlebars pulling to one side on the brakes and twisting and flexing of the forks.

Years of Supermotards learned me all the virtues of single disk setups. With the same 48mm WP USD forks btw...
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